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Rustic Riddle is a destination that celebrates the best of                          The East Riding of Yorkshire, a beautiful rural location where              time seems to have stood still and the skies go on forever.

At Rustic Riddle Time Stands Still

Enjoy our:

Granary a grade 2 listed granary building, renovated to retain as many original features as possible,  with a cafe, lounge bar, bakery, farm shop and restaurant.

Our Farm Shop

Restaurant Quality Meals to Enjoy at Home

Restaurant Quality Meals to Enjoy at Home

Two holiday Cottages – Shire Cottage and The Carthouse both with two en-suite bedrooms and fully kitted out for a relaxing holiday

A range of crazy animals – 18 miniature sheep, 2 blacknose sheet, 5 pygmy goats, a mini pig, 2 horses, 2 cats and 4 dogs and you may be lucky to see our 4 tortoises.

A natural pond, with a small wooded walk around the paddocks, a perfect outside space to sit at one of the picnic tables and enjoy just being.

The Feel Good Factor

A place that offers that special Feel Good Factor, that warm feeling inside when you treat your aunt to an afternoon tea to say thank you or your parents to Sunday Lunch.  A place where just the food can create a special moment in time, transported by taste to a time of contentment, or you are so absorbed in a craft activity or conversing with one of the animals that time has no meaning.

For those special occasions.

Our Favs

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