Think I may be. Day behind with the blogs but hey ho!

My Mum rang Wed to ask if I could pop my Dad to the doctors for a blood test (seriously worried), of course I could,  Chris had a telephone interview at 10, so we put a sign on the door ‘Important Telephone Call, please do not ring the bell or knock, leave parcels on the freezer’.

Off I went picked up from Harpham, onto Driffield, my Mum came alone for a blood pressure test.  Such a beautiful sunny and warm day. I though in trying to find something quick to wear that was tidy fit and hid the cuddly bits bit ended up wearing 2 jumpers (needed one to go under the 2nd that didn’t have sleeves), a tad warm.

Sat in the doctors and impressed with the inside, modern with a balcony and metal beams in the roof rather than wood, my Dad spotted someone he knew, the lady had a few conditions that affected her ability to have a full life, like limited mobility and couldn’t travel anywhere, I was impressed how light hearted she was about it, I found myself looking around and realising the faces I remember the people my parents know are all getting older and how I’m also going into a different age range.

Anyway my Dad was noting which nurses were busy as dreading seeing the unhelpful nurse he’d previously seen, turned out he got him but was in and out no problems, my Mum was called took ages, she came out and said she want allowed to leave til she had seen a doctor. She was called in again and what seemed an age later the doctor called my Dad and me in and said they were blue lighting her to A &E.

She was in the best place , I was passing out hot, Dad was starved and unwell and there we stayed for 7.5 hours.