When we bought Manor House Farm and decided we would try and set up as a venue, the obvious thing to do was to buy animals, We bought miniature sheep and they have provided soo much entertainment, we also found ourselves with a rescue pony Missy (a story for another day). Missy definitely has her own mind and opinions, especially regarding the sheep…

Missy and the sheep

Going back to 2014 we had 8 sheep and a pony Missy, they shared a field for a little while, as we attempted to take control of the grass growth. Missy tolerated the sheep, but she wasn’t particularly keen, we had to make sure they were fed separately as Missy didn’t share well.

I woke one morning looked out the window and couldn’t see the sheep, Missy was happily wandering around munching but no sheep. Threw some clothes on with a slight panic, have they escaped, been stolen or what.

We were extremely happy to find them shut in the stable but wondered why they were shut up, the door hadn’t been locked just jammed shut and they were all in the stable, they were rarely in all at the same time, the wind hadn’t been strong enough to blow it, I checked with my father in law who hadn’t shut them up either.

We put it down to a strange event but at least they were all fine.

Missy spent time in the other field for a couple of weeks and then we put her back in with the sheep for few days while we poisoned the dock leaves that were taking over. The first couple of days were uneventful except for Missy scowling at the sheep, but day two I had to go out for a few hours and on my return I find the sheep shut in their stable and Missy wandering around happily munching.

Now this could be a coincidence but Missy is a smart little cookie, having shown us how smart she is in the past, I have no idea how but I believe she has managed to round up the sheep and shut them in stable as they were eating her grass.