The flavour of today is all things marketing, I woke at 3.55am and felt the weight of the whole world on my shoulders, will it work, can I make it work?  Having listened to ‘The Secret’ earlier in the week I reprimand myself, if I don’t believe it will how on earth can it.

Brooklyn and the puppies are doing fine, Chris heads off to bed and I try and find that inspirational program to put on TV. I opt for a puppy DVD after 30 min of a strange modern day Sinbad film on TV.  Three cups of coffee later and I’m back, documenting what needs to happen for our new venture to work, which sounds a bit like this:- Marketing, Marketing, Marketing (which I am not…. how to say not good with a positive spin…) which I am developing my skills at.

I am a little sad as my son and his girlfriend are heading back down South today but I have a feeling they will be back real soon (puppy fever).  Its been soo nice having them stay and helping, hey ho! all good things etc..

Back to the puppies, we have independent weeing from 4 of the little darlings today, moving off their bed to wee, soo pleased with how they are coming on it does though mean we now need to have a plan for a potty tray real soon.  Brooklyn is such a star allowing us to help her with her babies and have lots of cuddles and when I suggest she lays in a certain spot she just goes and lays where I suggest (love this girl to bits).

Back to marketing, telling the world I can take the hassle of their accounts and tax returns away from them, how to market our Halloween event and what should it look like, and our fabulous cottages, we have soo much fab stuff we just need to tell people about it.