We are constantly amazed by this little girl her determination to make her own decisions.
Having spent ages trying to gain control of the grass in the paddocks, (I have soo much more understanding of the difficulties those owning land have to face), nature has her own agenda.

We were running out of grass as the dock leaves were taking over, so we split the field to poison the docks. Missy though had other ideas.

We used electric fencing but didn’t connect it, thinking that four lengths and posts close together would be sufficient, almost as soon as we had put her in the field, we turned our back and she was in the other side, one of them occasions you have to do a 2nd take as the fence was still up and intact.

We took it all down to get her to the other side and walked away, coming back about 30 min later to watch her, putting her tactics into practice, she shoved her head in between the posts and lengths of white tape and seesawed until she created a gap and then literally climbed through the tape, such a clever girl, makes you wonder how she found out she could do this.