This is my first of 365 blogs, the hope is I can get through the next few months never mind the next year but time will tell.

Currently I have an amazing distraction, my beautiful amazing girl has had puppies, they are 16 days old, all their eyes opened yesterday, the are toddling around, she is been an amazing mum but we don’t want to take any risks so we are still sleeping in shifts, we are fully immersed in all things poodle and puppy.

We should however be marketing the business, planning for the transition, organising and making things for Halloween and marketing it.  In fact the list of the things I should be doing goes on and on.

Instead I have just been sat watching the puppies, their little twitches, squeaks, one opens its eyes, little shiny beady eyes, I wonder what they actually see, they still seem to find mum by heat and smell rather than visual, they look at me when I pick them up but do they see?  There is a puppy smell to the whole room which at this stage is lovely.

We are starting the process of finding them new homes but the more time I spend with them the more protective I get, maybe I should just keep all 9.  Nine black and white fluff balls playing in the…..  mud (OK stop there, mud x 36 plus 8 paws).

Rather than put little collars on them I have in my infinite wisdom given them all names, we have the 2 big boys, Potter (who has a lighting flash mark on his head), Gatsby (who is all white with a lovely black head, 2 spots along his back and the base of his tail, he is going to be handsome), the small boy Ridley with his perfect little black head.  We then have 6 girls 2 brindle and white girls, Maddison and Harley (with her black marking on her face that looks like a joker smile), the mid size girl, Harper (she, like the 2 big boys seems so chilled), lastly 3 small girls, Chelsea, China and Dakota (3 perfectly proportioned and stunning petite girls).

Its tipping it down with rain at the moment, the cat is sat looking really pleased to be snuggled inside and Brooklyn (mum) and Poppy are, well the door is open to the garden so not sure I want to know.