Ever wondered what your home can do for you, the effect your environment has on your success or failure’s? and how living in a home that mirrors your personality can give you a boost each day.

Well, it’s our firm belief that bringing life and amazement into your home really can help you on your way to the life you desire and deserve?

Many of us have an inkling of how we’d like our home to be, but feel daunted by the task of creating what we truly want, asking ourselves’ will it work and can I re-create what’s in my head on my budget?.

If so, there really is no need to feel afraid. Preparation makes perfect when it comes to designing a room. Get that right and the practicalities should all fall into place.

Above all, enjoy it!

A great way to help you get started and explore your options and to decide on the interior of each room before you commit to a particular style, is to create a mood board and keep it up to date. What you want is something that reflects, and fits with, you and your family – and your unique lifestyle. A great starting place is the social media channel Pinterest, which allows you to gather together images that excite you into one place.

To create your own mood board, source pictures and drawings you like: colours, wall paper, fabrics, styles, images of furniture etc. Consider the uses of your room, what you do in it at different times, for example: Christmas, Summer, entertaining and family time. Consider how the light changes, how the heat in the room affects how it feels, Consider any fixed structural aspects to the room that impact on your design vision.

This is your board and it should reflect what you love and the life you seek. Let your mind run freely at this stage – where it might take you is the exciting part, and you can always reign in the ideas at a later stage.
Let your ideas evolve, take time to make important creative decisions and don’t rush into buying the first thing you see that matches your vision. Consider your budget and how it will work with the other items you have or are considering and whether you actually need each item. Your home is a functional space that needs to work for you and give you what you need at any time of day, whether that’s a place to relax, an uplifting space, a place for entertaining or to work . Surround yourself with the things you love.

The ideal outcome is that you’ll create a nurturing environment you’ll enjoy spending time in, which will also enhance your relationships with family and friends, by giving you somewhere to socialise, chat or simply chill out. So above all surround yourself with things you love, that reflect your personality and will give you a positive, warm feeling every day.

Getting down to practicalities

Once you’ve decided on your ‘look’, consider any changes you need to make to your room to fit with your chosen ambiance.

Is there a wall with a bad surface?, If so, depending on the style you want to achieve, you could consider wall papering or re-plastering the wall? Wall paper can cover a multitude of sins, as the pattern tricks the eye and camouflages the lumps and bumps. You may need to put up a lining paper first if the wall is really bad, though.

Consider light, is the room dark, but your chosen style requires lots of natural light? Or is there a dark corner or side to the room?. If so you could consider using white/light paint or wall paper to lighten it, or alternatively light it up with a lamp to create a cosy corner.

White is a colour that doesn’t age quickly in a style sense, it can look cold until its dressed but it has no opinion of its own so creates a fresh backdrop for the ‘picture’ you want to paint.

Over the coming weeks and months, our ‘Get the Look’ blog series will explore a variety of popular styles to offer you some additional inspiration, with some interesting information on how our environment can benefit us.

Too help with creating the look many of the products mentioned can be purchased from our web page but there are many good suppliers out there. The right item is the one you love.